Imbibe magazine features Sonoma County whiskeys

Imbibe Magazine - Healdsburg, California: A Hub For Good Drinks

By Jessica Dupuy Destinations September 7, 2016 Photos by Carolyn Fong

"Three miles north of Healdsburg Square, Alley 6 is Healdsburg’s lone distillery, established by Jason and Krystle Jorgensen in an effort to craft whiskies in Northern Sonoma County. Originally from Colorado..." features Sonoma County whiskey - 8 of the Best Steakhouse Cocktails in the U.S.

Contributed by Jonah Flicker Posted on Jul 25, 2016

"The Fun Guy (Stark’s Steak & Seafood, Santa Rosa, Calif.)

Jason Jorgensen was once the lead bartender at Stark’s, before leaving to pursue his dream of becoming a craft distiller, as one does. He opened Alley 6 in neighboring Healdsburg, where he distills small-batch rye and soon-to-be-released malt whiskey, as well as making bitters from foraged mushrooms. The Fun Guy combines..."


SUNSET MAGAZINE - Tangerine Whiskey Sour

By Elaine Johnson Febrauary 2018

"Upgrade the classic lemon-and-bourbon cocktail with tangerines for intense fruitiness and deep color, and rye whiskey for brightness. Adding a little egg-white froth turns the juice a pretty peach hue..."

 harvest gin made at Alley 6 craft distillery in Healdsburg, CA

10 Essential Bay Area Gins For Every Home Bar

By D.B. Couper November 6, 2017

"Local craft distillers’ gins garner acclaim on the national stage, but we’re lucky enough to appreciate them not just as fine spirits but also as the flavorful glimpses of home. These ten gins embody the flora and flavor of the Bay Area..."

 Bohemian magazine features Sonoma County whiskeys

Alley-Oop -The craft-defying feats of Alley 6 distillery

By James Knight November 21, 2017

"If it sounds like he's asking for trouble, à la moonshiner's folly, it's all part of the distiller's long shift at work, Jorgensen explains in the tasting room, an unexpected little hideaway furnished like a cozy pub within this light industrial district northwest of downtown Healdsburg..."


Handmade Hooch - Grain-to-glass takes root in North Bay

By James Knight September 27, 2017

"Bohemian staffers blind-tasted these whiskeys one-quarter ounce at a time—it's important to maintain focus when conducting a whiskey tasting. Our clear favorite just happens to fall first on this otherwise alphabetical list:

Alley 6 Craft Distillery..."

 Sonoma Discoveries magazine features Sonoma County whiskeys

Sonoma Discoveries Magazine - Chat with Krystle and Jason, Alley 6 Craft Distillery

Interview by Patricia M. Roth November - December 2015

"Krystle and Jason Jorgensen established Alley 6 Craft Distillery in 2012. They developed an interest in beer and winemaking after moving to Sonoma County, where Jason bartended at a steakhouse..."

 Sonoma Cheap Eats magazine features Sonoma County whiskey

Sonoma Magazine - The Time for Whiskey, Distilled spirits join Sonoma’s artisanal beverage boom

by Virginie Boone May/June 2016

"A husband-and-wife-run outfit opened in 2012 in Healdsburg, Alley 6 is devoted to making rye whiskey in small batches from an alembic copper pot. They mill the grain, mash, distill, barrel and bottle, all on-site. A visit to the distillery is worth it to see the distillery mural alone..."


Not Your Parents’ Gin

Story by Shelby Pope // Filed under Drink Local  Jul/Aug 2017

"A few years ago, the Jorgensens were contracted to make grappa and brandy from the Viognier grapes of a local winery. The Jorgensens liked the results so much that they started making gin from Viognier pomace—the seeds, stems, and grape flesh leftover after winemaking. The result is their Harvest Gin, made once a year with local fennel and Bay Laurel. “It’s got the aromatic floral quality of the Viognier wine itself, and the seeds contribute some tannic quality, and then the green from the stems adds bitter but kind of sweet characteristics—it’s just delicious,” Jorgensen says..."


Craft - Weird, Wild, and Wonderful

By Cori Paige, Under My Host Autumn 2017

"Alley 6 founders Krystle and Jason Jorgensen are devoted foragers..." pg. 160-161


taste the dram - From High School Sweethearts to Whiskey distillers, the Alley 6 Craft Distillery Love Story

By Gene Kizhnerman February 14, 2017

"We spoke to the High School sweethearts behind Alley 6 Craft Distillery – Jason Jorgensen and Krystle Jorgensen about whiskey..."